Dec 25 2019

Homemade Pupsicle Recipe

While home cooked meals that are nutritionally complete in every way are POSSIBLE, they’re not always DOABLE for everyone’s schedule and lifestyle. 

We aren’t at home cooking our pet’s food, ordering the supplements needed to provide the perfect levels of vitamins & minerals either. (We wouldn’t even know where to find taurine without the help of a veterinary nutritionist!) That doesn’t mean that we can’t sometimes whip up a tasty treat for the little loved ones in our lives.

Today we are sharing one of the secret recipes we use in the clinic to help relax and reward our nervous patients.


1/2 cup Peanut Butter
1/2 cup Greek Yogurt
2 Bananas (a little over ripe is fine)
12 Pup Biscuits


In a blender or food processor, combine all ingredients & mix until creamy. Using a spoon, spread the mixture evenly into an ice cube tray. Place one biscuit in each “cube” and freeze for 24 hours.

Modification for kitties: Fill each ice cube compartment only 1/3 and dust some crumbled crunchy cat treats on top. Then freeze for 24 hours.


Wrap a KONG in foil, fill it up with the mixture, set upright in a cup in the freezer and use as a distraction treat for your pup!

If you try this recipe at home & love it, let us know!
Feeling adventurous? You can make oatmeal, sweet potato and pumpkin pupsicles too!

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