Feb 20 2020

You want me to bring WHAT?

Ever wondered why we are always asking for samples of dog & cat poop?.

You’ve heard us say we are checking for intestinal parasites. Do you picture some horror-film worm?

It came from the bowels of dog!


Fecals, as we affectionately call the testing done on fecal samples, let us determine whether your pet has any one of a whole gang of intestinal parasites.

  • Roundworms
  • Hookworms
  • Tapeworms
  • Coccidia
  • Giardia
  • Whipworms

Oh my.

We are able to use a pretty small sample, (think tootsie roll, or don’t cause maybe that’s a gross size comparison?) three ways to look for the microscopic bad guys.

  • Flotation: We run this in house. We use a special solution to “float” the eggs and protozoan cysts onto a microscope slide. 
  • Centrifugation – Our reference laboratory spins in a special solution. The eggs or protozoan cysts are more accurately detected than in-house testing. 
  • Antigen – We send this test to our reference laboratory. This test is able to detect parasite antigens, even when a pet is NOT shedding eggs or protozoan cysts.


Why, oh why do we care so much about these critters? Parasites can they make your pet feel sick or have GI upset. Also, most of those are zoonotic, meaning they are contagious to humans. (Ew!)

Thankfully, due to the ease of these testing options, we are able to treat your furry best friend appropriately and keep the whole family safe from pet-to-human parasite transmission. We recommend these easy tests during routine visits. This means we are able to keep your pet protected against these parasites.

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