• kong mogaic

    Kong Magic

    Nov 09 2020

    delhomme | anxiety, Education, pet tips

    The benefits to learning new tricks and working on training your pet are basically endless. Dogs and cats are smart, and love using their brains while spending time bonding with…

  • Pet Friendly New Year’s Celebrations (Updated)

    Dec 30 2019

    delhomme | anxiety, Links, pet tips

    New Year. New You. New Plan to Keep Your Pets Stress Free. Fireworks, loud noises, bright flashes of light. New Years can be a scary time for the cats and…

  • Storm Anxiety & Pets

    Jul 10 2018

    delhomme | anxiety, pet tips

    Here in South Louisiana there is no shortage of thunderstorms, and for many of our pets that causes some pretty extreme anxiety. If you notice your pet whimpering, hiding, following…