• Well Mannered Kitties

    Aug 31 2019

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    Training cats to be well mannered is not some fairytale impossible task. It takes a little bit of forethought, time and consistency – but anyone (yes, even YOU!) can have…

  • It's hard to take a bad photo when your models are SO cute

    Fall Pet Photo Tips

    Oct 07 2018

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    If you’re anything like me, you love taking pictures of your pets. I love showing everyone the adorable faces of my furry best friends, and the one million cute things…

  • Storm Anxiety & Pets

    Jul 10 2018

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    Here in South Louisiana there is no shortage of thunderstorms, and for many of our pets that causes some pretty extreme anxiety. If you notice your pet whimpering, hiding, following…

  • Kid's Camp Recap

    Jul 10 2018

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    When Dr. Cole and Brandi started brainstorming with the DAC team for a kid’s event at Delhomme Animal Clinic, they had no idea it would turn into something so rewarding…

  • Kid's Camp!

    We've added a second Kid's Camp Date!

    Jun 23 2018

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    We had so much fun at our June 23rd kid’s camp that Delhomme Animal Clinic has scheduled another Vet-For-A-Day kids camp this summer, on Saturday July 7th and we would…

  • Sign your kids up for this year's kids camp!

    DAC's 2018 Vet-For-A-Day Event

    Jun 04 2018

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    Delhomme Animal Clinic is planning a Vet-For-A-Day kids camp this summer, on Saturday June 23rd and we would LOVE to have your family there! With activities like surgery on stuffed…

  • Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week

    May 27 2018

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      Ask any of our pets and they’ll think EVERY week is Pet Appreciation Week, but we are going to kick up the celebration this week with our top 5…